Sasol Chemical Refinery

Rent and install mats across a variety of facilities and jobsites.

Baker Hughes

We manufacture many matting products for Baker Hughes.


Quality Mats provides mats for Bechtel projects in many countries around the world.


QMC provides access in tough terrain for drilling.


QMC provides safe and stable work surfaces in refining.


QMC provides help with a number of projects for their new expansion in Clyde.


We provide matting products for Petro-Hunt drilling operations in locations across North America.


QMC manufactures matting products for operations in the US and dozens of other countries around the world.

Enterprise Products

QMC has provided Mats on many Enterprise Products pipeline projects.

City of Houston

We help the 4th largest city in the US with mats for projects both above ground and underground.


We support BP with environmental clean up and refining efforts.


QMC is proud to help a wonderful Southeast Texas company provide energy to local residents.

Air Liquide

We've provided matting solutions for a number of pipeline and refining projects.

Independence Contract Drilling

QMC manufactures matting products for drilling rigs.

Chevron Phillips

Rent and install mats across a variety of facilities and jobsites.

CenterPoint Energy

A great costumer for our Houston location, helping to provide inexpensive and reliable energy.


QMC provides matting products for refining.


QMC has helped with access around their refineries.


QMC provided matting products for many pipeline jobs.

Marathon Oil

QMC installed temporary access for drilling operations.