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Mats for Highline & Utilities

Quality Mat Company provides a variety of matting solutions for the highline and utilities industries. Our Eco Mats and Laminated Mats are ideal for temporary roads and makeshift work surfaces, while our Crane Mats are ready to provide a solid foundation for the largest cranes.

QMC has trained and experienced full time crews available 24/7 to install, remove, clean, and transport mats to new work sites. Our crew and management are current in safety training required by OSHA. Quality Mat Company crews have many years of experience handling mats and as long as our crews place, move, and remove mats, damages from mishandling will not be incurred. Additionally Quality Mat Company is available 24/7 for EMERGENCY response.

We can help reduce matting costs by recommending the right mats for your project, identifying hazards, and suggesting access routes to the right of way. QMC will provide a matting plan along with the quote for the project. We have many years of experience in overhead transmission construction and understand how the construction will be performed. For QMC to best serve you, we like to spend several days during the planning stage on the ground inspecting the line and making recommendations from a matting management program that allows us to maximize utilization and minimize lost motion and delays. We pride ourselves in logistics, highly experienced operators, and on-site management. Our crews are accustomed to laying a thousand or more mats per day per crew, saving our costumers time and money.

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Mats for High-Line Industry

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