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Laminated Construction Mats

Our laminated mats are the preferred mat of choice by our customers around the world. So if you are in need of truck mats, mud mats, or construction mats – our laminated mat is likely what you need. Our 3-ply laminated mat is available in 12′, 14′, and 16 foot lengths for a variety of uses, such as swamp mats, temporary roads, and ground protection.

These cross laminated mats are strong, durable, and constructed with the same high-grade materials that our traditional wood mats are developed. Made for concrete or general construction temporary roads, Quality Mat Company’s laminated mats are highly maneuverable, a benefit that is frequently mentioned by contractors. And, you’ll benefit from all-weather access through remote and environmentally sensitive areas.

Applications: Our 3-ply laminated mats fulfill many uses including:

  • Temporary Roads
  • Ground Stabilization Platforms
  • Ground Protection Mats

Measure: Our 3-ply laminated mats are made with mixed hardwood or oak laminated boards and measure:

  • 6″ thick
  • 8′ wide
  • Length: 12′, 14′ or 16 ft.
  • Custom Sizing Available

Let us make your construction jobs easier with our laminated wood mats for temporary roadways, access roads, and ground protection. For pricing, call us at (800) 227-8159 or click the button for a custom quote. We look forward to helping you!

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Environmental Benefits

Quality Mat Company’s laminated mats are environmentally friendly. So, no matter where you’re working, you’ll rest easy knowing that our ground protection mats are doing their job, protecting the ground underneath, and ensuring a fast environmental recovery. And, you don’t have to worry about recovery when you use our F grade mats, as we use untreated timber for all of our laminated mats.

Custom Options

We understand that every project is unique so, we offer multiple lifting options for custom laminated mat orders. Choose the right design to fit your needs, whether exposed bolts, cables, or chains, to ensure you maintain a safe and productive work environment. Your vehicles shouldn’t slip on our mats – and our mats shouldn’t slip when being placed. Call us at (800) 227-8159 to discuss your specific needs.