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Oilfield Mats

Quality Mat Company provides a variety of ground protection and construction mats for clients in the oil & gas industry. From the Bakken Oil fields and Trans Canada Pipeline to the large refineries, Quality Mat Company is there all along the way providing a safe, stable work surface in all-weather conditions to keep your operation efficient and profitable.

QMC provides professional oilfield mat installation around the world and we’ve been providing installation for 50 years. Our professional operators can install thousands of mats per day! So rest easy, from the manufacturing, shipping and installation, QMC is the standard in the mat industry. Click the button below to get a project quote or call us at 800-227-8159. Our friendly staff is happy to help you.

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Popular Oilfield Mats

Our interlocking oilfield mats, drilling rig mats, and eco mats are most popular with our customers in the oil and gas industry. Click on the mats to learn more and, if you have any questions please contact us at 800-227-8159. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Oilfield Matting Applications

A major problem for the oil industry is the location of pipelines and oilfields. Most oilfield activity is located in remote locations, which aren’t always easily accessible. Many oilfields and pipelines are located on beautiful farmlands and other untouched areas that have no permanent roads, and often, building a permanent road is out of the question. Our ground protection mats are interlocking mats that have given the oil drilling industry an efficient solution to access remote locations and environmentally sensitive areas. So, when it comes to ground protection, temporary roads, environmental protection and reduced reclamation costs for oilfields, Quality Mat Company offers the best matting solutions for any jobsite.

What are oilfield mats used for?

  • Ground Protection: Unstable ground can cause a plethora of problems for work crews. Having a sturdy place to work is essential for completing a job correctly, and ground protection mats are an excellent solution. Oilfield mats also have little impact on the environment. Because of their design, water is able to still seep through and keep grass alive and growing. Once the mats are removed, the natural ecosystem can once again thrive.
  • Road Matting: Ground protection mats provide crews the ability to travel over impassible roads to reach worksites. When it comes to drilling, it’s crucial to have year-round access.
  • Access Roads: Our interlocking mats are great for building access roads and provide crews the ability to easily travel between job sites.
  • Swamp Mats: You can’t afford to have heavy equipment sink into a muddy bog. Oilfield matting helps crews travel over swampy terrain saving them the hassle of digging out heavy equipment or damaging expensive machinery.
  • Temporary Roads: Previously, environmentally sensitive locations were filled with rock to create temporary roads. This process was expensive, time consuming, and environmentally harmful. Ground protection mats are an efficient way to build a trusty temporary road with little harm to the environment.

When it comes to ground protection mats, not every company calls them by the same name. Regardless of whether you call them ground protection mats, oilfield mats, laminated interlocking mats, or board road mats, Quality Mat Company has you covered. Fill out the form below to get a project quote or give us a call.