Crane Mats for Wind Project
Crane Mats for the Wind Industry
Wind Project - Timber Crane Mats
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Wind Industry

In recent years, wind farm construction has increased exponentially thanks to the push for clean, renewable energy. Quality Mat Company has assisted the wind energy on its many wind farm construction projects. Our crane mats provide the stable platform for the large cranes to safely lift and maneuver the large turbine blades and generators into place. In addition, our laminated and interlocking mats are used to provide the work crews temporary roadways to the large jobs sites.

From California to Texas and in-between, QMC matting products provide a fast, safe approach to installation of large wind turbines in remote areas. From large 12″ thick crane mats to eco mats and 3-ply laminated mats, QMC temporary roads ensure you can access your work site 24/7 in all-weather conditions keeping your project on schedule.

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