Q-Core Engineered Synthetic Mat
Q-Core Crane Mats

Q-Core Engineered Crane Mats

Quality Mat Company introduces Q-CoreTM, crane mats engineered and manufactured with characteristics to perform on critical lifts with extreme weights or loadings. Our patented Q-Core technology combines a structural steel frame, synthetics, certified overhead lifting and treated wood products which offer the next-level in longevity and safety. Q-Core minimizes ground-bearing pressure providing safe, stable lifts over varying subgrades. By eliminating open notches, Q-Core creates a uniform, solid work surface that reduces accidents and labor cost. Q-Core is built to last, maintaining its engineered structural integrity well beyond the project duration.

Q-Core engineered crane mats are assembled in the the following standard sizes, up to 40 feet long. Sizes over 40 ft. are available, contact our crane mat application specialists at 800.227.8159.

  • 4’x16’x8″
  • 4’x18’x8″
  • 4’x20’x8″
  • 4’x24’x8″
  • 4’x12’x12″
  • 4’x16’x12″
  • 4’x18’x12″
  • 4’x20’x12″
  • 4’x24’x12″
  • 4’x28’x12″
  • 4’x30’x12″
  • 4’x40’x12″

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Q-Core Video

Q-Core crane mats are engineered for the heaviest lifts. Q-Core’s integration of steel, synthetics, certified overhead lifting and treated wood products combine to deliver the next-level in safety, stability, strength and protection. Watch the video to learn about Q-Core’s patented technologies and numerous benefits.

U.S. PAT. NO. 9,315,949 B1, U.S. PAT. NO. 9,315,951 B1, U.S. PAT. NO. 9,447,547 B2, U.S. PAT. NO. 9,447,548 B1, U.S. PAT NO.9,476,164 B2

Engineered Crane Mats

Engineered to Benefit Your Bottom Line

Q-Core is engineered to provide numerous benefits.

  • Minimize repair / replacement cost
  • Lightweight / reduced freight
  • Consistent mat-to-ground contact
  • Maintains structural integrity over its lifespan
  • Eliminates open notches
  • GPS tracking capabilities
  • Reduces absorbency
  • Engineered structure
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Multiple lifting options
  • Stable / uniform work area
  • Safety / lighted surface
  • Sizes over 40 ft. available

To learn more about Q-Core or for a custom quote call Quality Mat Company at 1-800-227-8159 or fill out the form below.